Virtual Group Schedule

Becoming Balanced is now offering virtual group classes via Zoom to help you keep up with your pilates practice while also practicing social distancing. Please call or email the studio to join a class, and see links listed below schedule for equipment you can purchase online for certain classes. See you on the mat!


9:00am – Pilates with Sol
10:00am – Pilates with Karry
6:00pm – Pilates with Karry


7:00am – Pilates with Karry
11:00am – Adult Ballet with Karry
4:30pm – Pilates with Karry
5:30pm – Barre with Lindsay


9:00am – Pilates with Sol
6:00pm – Pilates with Abi


8:00am – Barre with Karry
11:00 – Pilates with Karry
4:30pm – Spine Corrector with Karry
5:30pm – Pilates with Lindsay


7:00am – Pilates with Karry
9:00am – Pilates with Sol


8:00am – Body Rolling with Karry
9:00am – Pilates with Lindsay

Links for Optional Equipment

Magic Circle
Hand Weights (2 lbs.)*
* Any 2 lb. hand weights will do, such as those in Target, Walmart or TJ Maxx
Theraband Resistance Bands
Triad Balls
Yamuna Body Rolling Balls & Essentials
Yamuna Body Rolling Silver & Black Balls Kit **
** We recommend this or any Yamuna kit that may include silver, pearl, or black balls, and/or foot wakers.