Class Descriptions

Ballet :

This class will help you discover muscles you didn’t even know you had and rediscover those you may have forgotten. Using the Vaganova syllabus we will create long, strong, sculpted bodies. Limit 6 to a class.

Barre :

This ballet-inspired class performed at the barre incorporating elements of ballet, Pilates and functional training set to music to keep you motivated through the muscle burn. Barre classes help you lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles to produce that sought-after dancer look.

Buff Bones® :

Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed system of movement for bone and joint health. It leverages bone-strengthening and balance techniques along with Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise. Toning your arms, hips, back and abs, the Buff Bones® system also improves posture, is adaptable to varying levels, and is even safe for those with osteoporosis.


Pilates Mat :

Using one’s body weight to strengthen and lengthen and to tone the core with flowing classical work using a variety of props to create connection, flexibility and strength. Suitable for healthy beginner and intermediate levels. Limit 6 to a class.


Pilates Mix :

Each class is geared toward the level of participants and utilizes classical Pilates equipment such as mat, reformer, barrels, springboard and chair. Limit 6 to a class.


Pilates Reformer :

Adds breadth and depth to the foundation of Pilates. This class deepens the underlying principles for the exercises, transitions, and progression of your Pilates practice. Limit 4 to a class.


Spine Corrector :

These barrels were created with the primary purpose to correct spinal alignment and improve posture. You will discover stability and control by using movements that open the chest, strengthen the core, lengthen and align the spine, increase flexibility in the hips and assist and challenge leg alignment and placement. Limit 5 to a class.


Zumba :

Spanish slang for “to move fast and have fun.” Dance inspired by Latin rhythms of traditional cumbia, salsa, samba and merengue.